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Insider / Popular interior design trends to stop following, and what to do instead

Taylor DeBartola, TD Interiors Owner / Creative Director was quoted in a recent Insider article by Rachel Murphy. Insider spoke to three interior designers to find out which popular decorating trends people should stop following and what they can do instead.

Taylor DeBartola told Insider that he is tired of seeing rooms with white walls, pastel wallpaper, and "few, if any, strong colorful elements in the room." 

"My hope for 2020 and beyond is that people have the boldness to trust themselves to embrace the idea that color doesn't have to only exist on the spines of books and a throw pillow or two."

He said painting walls in colors like white, gray, and pale pink can make a room look dated, since those shades' trendiness peaked around 2015. 

"Paint your walls an actual color, experiment with wallpaper, have an abstract mural done on your ceilings," he said. "You'll find that there's usually only a couple of wrong answers and hundreds of right answers for what to do with your space."

View full feature in Insider here. Get in touch with TD Interiors about bold colors for bold living.


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