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Our clients appreciate value. Not defined by a price tag or designer label, this is the value of narrative and nostalgia paired with something new they haven’t seen before. 


Our clients get out. Seeing the sights and exploring the world around them, they are energized by color, moved by art and renewed by coming home. 


Our clients don’t look the same. Where as one may be a Millennial carefully restoring a 1930’s Charleston bungalow another is a retired couple creating luxurious sanctuary in a second home abroad. Spanning walks, ages and locales, we are proud to speak to and serve a spectrum of humans.  


Our clients are curious and game for a challenge. Eager to learn, excited to understand and open to the delightfully unexpected, they seek counsel in curating their distinct taste and banish the thought of shopping a repeat room off Instagram. 


Our clients are brave. With a strong sense of who they are and what they want, there is no interest in quick fixes or settling. Nay, nay! They won’t stop until a space suits them juuust right. 


Sound like you? Let’s work together.


As first-time home owners, we were completely lost on where to start after closing on a Park Circle bungalow that hadn’t seen an update in 30 years. Cue TD Interiors! 


The dream team, Taylor and Hailey, swooped in to help us create a unique feel, while ensuring our money and energy was well invested at the start. From encouraging brave choices (no white walls) to much-needed pep talks during renovations, TD interiors is the epitome of high-touch interior design and project management service. 


A year later, our “Jewel Box” is a warm, welcoming space marrying new and nostalgia that truly, deeply feels like our home.

- Mary Beth, Charleston

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