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House Beautiful / Is Pinterest Ruining Interior Design—or Actually Making it Better?

Taylor DeBartola, TD Interiors Owner / Creative Director was quoted in a House Beautiful piece by Emma Bazilian about what interior design pros really think of Pinterest.

That disconnect between the world of Pinterest and what’s feasible in real life is one that many designers grapple with. DeBartola says,

“There’s a sense when clients show us these boards that they’ve gone ahead and done some amount of work, when really they’ve just visually collected what appeals to them. It can be helpful, but most of the time they are sharing places with French chateau proportions when we’re working with a bungalow. As a designer, it pushes me into a mode of constant expectation setting and resetting.”

Another oft-repeated gripe: the constant re-circulation of the same images. DeBartola says that it’s common to receive duplicate Pinterest photos from multiple clients, especially when it comes to kitchens and baths.

“It ends up being a regurgitation of ideas,” he explains. “I’d rather hear about their favorite hotels, cities, clothes. That’s more helpful to me as a designer when I’m trying to deliver a look they’ll actually like."

View full feature in House Beautiful here. Get in touch with TD Interiors about a design to suit your unique self.


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