Where to begin?

You gotta start somewhere, as they say, so I'm starting with an introduction! A firm virtual handshake and a brand new headshot taken on a bright and sunshine-y day (Am I doing this blog thing right so far?) 

 I'm Taylor, a designer in Charleston, SC who helps people create their best home, in budget and chock-full of unique, vintage pieces. 

Taylor DeBartola Interior Design believes in an eclectic blend of modern, vintage and found objects in every project. We believe that the rug is the soul of the room. We love old things presented in new, fresh ways. We think art should be weird and inspired and that drapes finish a room like nothing else. 

We also love the beginning - the beginning of a construction project, empty shelves waiting for decor, and empty rooms itching to be filled with life! 

The number one question we get from decor clients, staring blankly at an empty room in their home, is where to start? What comes first? 

We start from the outside walls and work inward, beginning with the rug. A rug, alone, can change your perception of a room more than any other piece. The color palette of the rug can often send us organically towards a more fleshed out color concept for the room, even influencing the art we will hang, the shade of the walls or texture of the drapery. The rug is the secret sauce of your room and it's best added to the recipe early. 

Starting out, our advice to all clients is to spend the majority of their budget on the soft spaces - a beautiful, vintage handmade rug, custom drapery, down-filled pillows and functional upholstered seating and sofas that will stand the test of time. No matter the spend, your rug and sofa selection should be a healthy portion of the budget of a living space. Invest in these pieces and never look back! 

We are excited about this new beginning, too. This blog, "READ", will focus on interiors; we will answer common design-dilemma questions, we will tell you what store to find that awesome pillow you've got to have and where to eat, stay and shop in our favorite cities. And just like the spaces we design, we enjoy a funky mix of normal, necessary, new and niche people, places, things and experiences - and we'll bring them to you here!

Please take some time to explore our website, Houzz and Instagram accounts to get familiar with Taylor DeBartola Interior Design - we can't wait to help you with your new beginning, too! 

Cheers to getting started,