5 Things Inspiring Me Right Now

1. Betwixt and Between, an art installation at The Gibbes Museum

    The Gibbes has long been a go-to place for inspiration, the coldest AC in Charleston and thoughtfully curated collections and shows. Time spent at The Gibbes always feels like a vacation from the real world. 

    Betwixt and Between, an installation by sculptor Patrick Dougherty, is just that - otherworldly. Comprised entirely of found sticks, branches, twine and vine locally, the work spans from the ground of the 2nd floor atrium up to the ceiling of the 3rd floor. 

It forces you to walk in, around and under it. It smells like the woods - old branches and some freshly cut. It is fantastic and it has to be seen in person. A great, unexpected treat on view through next Spring. 


2. The Jasmine is in full bloom. 

    If you know, you know. Yes, it's that magical couple of days in Charleston when the jasmine first blooms and everything smells how you'd imagine actual heaven will smell. 

   This photo is courtesy of The Historic Charleston Foundation's Instagram account. This account is a must-follow, but it’s best enjoyed alongside their Director of Musuems’ account @Laurendownsouth, which could have made this list on its own. @Laurendownsouth is one of my best Insta-finds of the year. Her prolific, funny, down-to-earth and authentic feed will make you want to repaint all of the trim in your home a historically accurate color, it will make you want to hang plates on your wall, it will make you laugh and you just may learn something. 

3. This 1983 Soul Train Performance of Just be Good to Me by the SOS Band. 

   This song was way ahead of its time and has been in near constant rotation for the last several weeks. This video also confirms that I was born a couple decades late because I would have killed it on that Soul Train dance floor. 

4.  Everything at The George Gallery

   It would be easier to say what’s not inspiring at The George Gallery. The George, situated on Bogard in Elliotborough, is the best collection of contemporary American art in Charleston. Owner Anne Siegfried has a wealth of knowledge on the art world and (bonus!) she’s a delightful person. As Anne says, she’s interested in what’s happening right now in the art world which she describes as “having a large vocabulary and little rules.” Run, don’t walk to The George Gallery or enjoy their visual catalog here

   This piece (above), Tom Stanley’s “Untitled” is pure magic and available through the gallery. Tom Stanley: Scratching the Surface, an exhibition of his work, opens May 19th at The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art. 

5. Michael Bargo’s Brooklyn Heights Apartment

   Last week’s T: The New York Times Style Magazine featured Michael Bargo’s Brooklyn Heights apartment, where everything is fabulous and everything is for sale. The pieces in his apartment, ever rotating and changing, run the gamut from leopard sofas, Noguchi lamps and gilded mirrors to seemingly every art, fashion and design book ever made. Stop reading this and follow him on instagram, too! (@MichaelBargo)